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What Does The Marathon Medal Mean To You
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Many of people the marathon have become medals, and after the game, the medals and the medals have become an inalienable hobby.

For a lot of marathon racing people, collecting, placing and displaying marathon medals are not a kind of display, but the glory of their own life.

The medal of the marathon is the medal of the kilometre

Every kilometer, are each to persist.

The sweat, the medals and the texture of the teeth made us really feel that I had finished the marathon! You are the brave man to conquer it.

05.jpgMarathon medals are vouchers to challenge themselves.

The marathon is not conquered by a hot blood.

If you are new people, you should prepare for marathon at least two months in advance, how many times a week to run, how long to run, how to train before training, how to eat and how to rest, and make a reasonable judgement and arrangement of your situation.

A marathon is not well controlled, and how to control his life.

A successful challenge to a marathon is the perfect embodiment of self-control.


The marathon medal is a medal for the loner.

The marathon is a lonely movement.

A man ran silently, behind the screams and screams behind him.

Every ten kilometers of the psychological journey only know it.

Put the left foot in front of the right foot, then put the right foot in front of the left foot, put the left foot in front of the right foot, and then put the right foot in front of the left foot... The repetition is countless...

You have suffered, the sweat you pass, the wind you pass, all this, the medals will give you comfort, the medals will prove.


The marathon medal is a symbol of strength.

Yes, I can!

I can stick to it.

The challenge of self, the struggle of loneliness.

I have the strength to use the footsteps to conquer.

Make a commitment to your own things and stick to it. You do it.

The marathon medal is the best praise for your unswerving perseverance and the best testimony to our strength.

The marathon medal is the flow card of the city.

Each marathon medal will be integrated into the local characteristics, showing the unique style of the city. As a result, the marathon medals have also become the business card of the city.

At the same time, most of the event routes are integrated with local features, important attractions and landmark buildings.

Each medal is about the culture and memory of a city.

When you have accumulated dozens of Marathon medals, you will be surprised to find that you have been to so many places.


The medals of the marathon are the medals of a healthy life

When your friends and colleagues have a toast each other;

You're on the gym, the runway or the marathon track.

Not only the medals are harvested.

It is also a healthy, responsible and objective life.

You distinguish them from the marathon medals.

Live a life of passion.


The marathon medal is a different collection of hobbies.

It's really a medal collector. But it's not like collecting stamps and collecting coins is relatively simple.

The marathon medals need you to pay for physical, time, energy, physical and mental hardships.

If you've collected a lot, it's a great thing.
The marathon medal is a tribute to the hero

In 490 bc, the Philippine soldiers run 42 kilometers Dibodesibu stop to Athens square, to convey the news of victory in the war exhausted, smile away.

To commemorate the hero, the runners repeat the heroic track, and the runners in the race are also heroes.

After the end, it is a kind of affirmation to oneself, get the medal that the ancient as a hero will have.