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The Whole Process Of Commemorative Coins Production
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Material selection

Silver coins generally used pure silver 99.9%, the international use of the most is 92.5% and 90% of the fineness. Gold coins are generally used 99.99%, 99.9% gold to cast. Both gold and silver are purified and formulated by electrolytic refining of mint, and the analysis results represent a country's authoritative standard and technological advanced degree.

Melt Strip Version

From the furnace will be molten precious metals through continuous casting machine, cast a variety of specifications of the slab, and then mechanical milling surface, remove impurities, and then in strict environmental requirements under the conditions of cold-rolled, each process must be kept clean.

Cake Cleaning

Pressing the billet cake must be guaranteed to obtain the smallest burrs and edges, and avoid any pollution, scratches, then annealed, and then polished. The surface of the billet cake uses the special detergent to dry, each piece of billet is weighed, the precision of the electronic weighing is 0.0001 grams, the blank cake that does not meet the tolerance is scrapped. In accordance with the requirements of the perfect billet cake, according to the number of clean in the Gaisheng device to prepare the imprint.


Mold design is a unique important link in coinage process. Through the rigorous validation of the subject matter, patterns, through the mint complex sophisticated precision equipment, combined with the use of modern sophisticated devices, the design intent on the mold. In order to highlight the visual effect, the concave main relief has a fine surface of the frost, and the high place all need to grind into a mirror, and in the high-power rate of the projection screen can not find any flaws.

Imprint Printing

Imprint is carried out in the purification chamber with air filtration, any tiny dust is the root cause of the scrap of coins, the international Common imprint of the scrap rate is 10%, and large diameter, mirror area of the coins, the scrap rate of up to 50%.

Protection and packaging

For a certain period of time, keep the original color of commemorative coins, each coin must be protected by a certain surface, at the same time put it in the plastic box, and then sealed with plastic film, and then put into a specially designed for it packaging box, and all finished products have to undergo a rigorous inspection.

The production of a commemorative coin to undergo so many sophisticated and complex procedures, when you collect these exquisite works of art, in addition to appreciating its artistic value and commemorative symbol, do not forget that it is still mint quality of the credibility of the witness, is the designer, the producer of painstaking efforts and the crystallization of sweat.