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The Symbolic Meaning Of Medal
- Jul 17, 2018 -

At the moment of the award, we saw a brilliant smile on the athletes' faces, but did we also see the sweat behind their success? Indeed, every medal won is the embodiment of the athletes' fighting spirit; each medal is condensed with sweat and tears; behind each medal is the love and support for sports.

This products, use as a medal, for commemorate a game, or an event.

The round shape - means the fulfill of the activity.

The words- show us the name and theme of the competition.

The pattern-different actions shows different sport item, such as runninng, football and volleyball.

Those pattern show us the sportsman 's passion and the healthy mind.

And this medals is use for a sports event in the Asia area with over 10000pcs's selling.

Gold color is for the first place

Silver color is for the second place

Bronze color is for the third place....

Therefore, in the process of medal customization, the awarding organizations must have quality assurance for the winners to do medal customization. Medal customization should not only have new style, but also have creative features, whether it is appearance, style, etc. There are also sports themes to be taken into account. Because the winner's medal is a memorable event for himself.

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