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The Formation Of A Badge
- Jul 16, 2018 -

As a shorthand form of the badge, it is most common in football players' jerseys, local community gatherings and universities. The badges they wear indicate what association he belongs to and where he is. The badge can be decorated. On the sleeves, shoulders, lapels, pointed collars, backs of shirts and jackets, hats and chest pockets, etc.




Business badges may reflect their design style, ideas, and alphanumeric characters that indicate their products and services. They are used as a reward to differentiate employees' identities, etc. Why do people pay attention to wearing badges?

Why do each badge have its own characteristics? It is because it helps to identify, is a way to establish and maintain discipline, and is a representation of pride. Obviously, the badges worn on uniforms make them easy to identify with their organization and identity and position. Chemical.