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South Korea's PyeongChang Winter Olympics Medal Is Too Ugly To Be Rejected: The Worst In The Past 6 Sessions, No Beauty
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Discussions about the style of medals at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics have intensified on the Internet. Many netizens criticized the Korean Organizing Committee for not thinking: "The design of medals is not aesthetic." Some netizens have exposed the medal style of the 6th Winter Olympic Games. They bluntly said: "Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is undoubtedly the worst of them. ."

The Organizing Committee of the Korean Culture and Sports Department and the Changdong Olympics said that medals and lanyards are designed with Korean and hanbok as elements. The top left of the medal is based on the Olympic tradition, using the “five rings” pattern, and the surrounding area is filled with vibrant diagonal lines, reflecting the spirit of “the sweat and patience of the Olympic athletes”.

Medal style of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi: The main body of the medal is divided into two parts, one side is the solid part of the physical silver and bronze medals, and the other side is the silver-white hollow mosaic design. The medals are painted with Sochi scenery, and the golden sun of the sun is reflected through the snowy mountains to the soft sands of the Black Sea, reflecting the colorful. The medals are complex and the details are beautiful. The medals of the Sochi Winter Olympics were also rated as "the most beautiful in the past 6 sessions" by netizens.

Medal style of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics: The surface of the medal is not flat, but the first wave of undulating waves, reminiscent of the 2010 Winter Olympics and other common sights in Canada - waves, blizzards And the mountains. The Winter Olympics medals are made of killer whales, which are animals worshipped by Aboriginal people on the west coast of Canada.

Medal of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics medal style.

1998 Nagano Winter Olympics medal style.