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How To Better Enable The Customer To Understand The Badge Making Process And Effect
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The customer is usually not understanding the craft of the badge when making the badge, coat of arms manufacturers also failed to explain to the customer in detail the production process of the badge is different from the effect of the same, so that after the badge was produced did not meet the expectations of customers, and the two sides in time and money have suffered losses, and even some contradictions have occurred misunderstanding.

How to better let the customer understand the badge making process and effect, to a badge manufacturer, the salesman in the customer first time consultation must understand the most basic requirements: first, materials, specifications, process requirements, the scope of use and other details; second, to provide similar pictures so that customers know what they have done the actual effect of the badge; Explain to the customer in detail the various materials, process different in the production of the effect is not the same; IV. To communicate the best proofing with the customer when necessary to determine the avoidance of loss to both parties.