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Complete Badge Making Sales Process Sales Staff Indispensable
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Chinese badge production process has a long history, especially the "Olympic badge", "Expo badge", "Asian Games Badge" is to promote the development of the Chinese badge production process, a good badge production plant has a number of outstanding sales staff, the general badge factory have several badges salesman, every day to develop customers, and customer exchange, Answer customer's questions, assist customers to make badges etc. A strong business quality and good service quality badge salesman, is to win the badge production order key.

Customers in the consultation badge production, they do not understand all aspects of the badge, when the badge salesman will patiently answer. Sometimes the customer will provide a badge sketch, as a qualified badge salesman, should quickly give the badge production process, in the further communication with customers to help customers choose the most suitable badge production process.

Badge production time limit, some customers think the badge can be completed within three or four days, in fact, from the drawing to confirm the artwork, and then to the production of transport, no less than seven days time. Therefore, the production of badges to have sufficient time, preferably half a month ahead, so as to have the badge quality assurance.