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Common Sense Of The Badge Making Process
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Badge Craft 1: Hydraulic process

Hydraulic pressure is also called oil pressure. is the design of the badge pattern, style with a flexible mold pressure on metal material on the first forming, mainly for the manufacture of precious metal badges, such as pure gold, sterling Silver badge and so on, this kind of badge has always been the badge collection and investment hobby collection Jiapin.

Badge Craft 2: Stamping process

The stamping process of the badge is to design the badge pattern and style with Die stamping mode pressure on the copper, tin, zinc alloy and other materials on the formation, it is mainly with the line of convex and concave to show the level of the pattern, and then after polishing, electroplating, baking and other micro-technology, so that the badge presents a strong metallic texture. Stamping process is the most commonly used technology badge, whether it is enamel badge, paint badge, printing badge, etc. are through this process and then supplemented by some production process processing. To learn more about stamping badge crafts.

Badge Process 3: Enamel process

The enamel badge is also called "Cloisonne". Enamel technology is originated in China, with a long history. It is the design of the badge pattern and style first with the die stamping mode pressure on copper and other materials on the fine pressure molding, then fill in the area of the concave enamel powder into color, after the completion of the color after the heat after baking and polished by hand, until the surface of the badge to emit natural luster. The enamel coat of arms is hard, the surface gloss of the badge is like a mirror, with a gem-like Crystal, rainbow-like luster and gold-like brilliance, save a long time, even a century does not degenerate. Therefore, to make a high-end badge, you can choose enamel badge, it is the badge collector's love. Enamel badge production process is: Pressure-chong-fade-back to burn-grinding stone-into the color-polishing-electroplating-packaging.

Badge Craft 4: Imitation enamel process

Imitation enamel is also known as "soft enamel", "false enamel", imitation enamel badge and enamel badge production process similar to copper, and other materials for raw materials, first fine pressure molding, and then inject soft enamel cream, baked by the oven, handmade grinding, polishing, electroplating coloring. Similar to the true enamel texture, compared with the enamel, with a richer color, bright, more delicate performance, but the hardness of imitation enamel than enamel. Its production process is: Pressure-chong-into color-electroplating-ap-polishing-packaging.

Badge Process 5: stamping + baking paint process

Stamping + baking process is the design of the badge pattern and style first with the die stamping mode pressure on copper, tin material, alloy and other materials, and then use the baking paint to show the colors of the pattern. The paint badge has a raised metal line and a concave paint area layer, and some of it is added to the surface to become very smooth and bright, also known as the drop plastic badge. The production process is: the production process: pressure-flush-polishing-rubbing color-into color-electroplating-packaging.