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Carving And Manufacturing Technology Of Commemorative Medals
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Carving work:

The design of the commemorative medallion has determined whether the design intention can be realized, and good carving may make up for the deficiencies in the design. Sculpture is an independent art category. is also an important process of creative, no matter what design patterns, can be converted to copper silver Medium, itself is a process of artistic re-creation. And the design is mediocre, carving the brilliant chapter also has. such as Lo Yonghui Master Design of the tiger's first large bronze, with the well-known zodiac map, but the sculptor with unique expression, create a clear sense of hierarchy, give people a refreshing feeling.

Manufacturing Process:

Manufacturing processes, including coloring, is the final of the birth of large copper, whether the exquisite workmanship on the large copper can be included in the ranks of the quality also plays a decisive role. Like the French chapter of the beautiful town of Toledo, a city of scenery in the chapter. With a 80 times-fold LED light microscope to see, every detail of the clear, can not find the slightest flaw. Even if it is a common design, if you can do this, the player will be praised, to obtain great spiritual enjoyment. and has a good theme, good design, good carving, because the process is not clearance and the impact of the value of the chapter is very much. RMB 60 Anniversary by Ming You-ming Master carving, subject matter is also good, could have become a very promising boutique, but because of the manufacturing process, the positive relief is not enough, the back of the horse-grazing chart to suppress the line blurred, and finally abandoned the market, very regrettable.