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Badge Making Design Standard Size Details
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Badges of different sizes, according to the badge production design drawings and the use of badges to determine, commonly used badge size of 20-25mm, calculate the size of the badge in accordance with the diameter of the longest edge.

Small size can be used 15mm

Large size can be used 50mm

Round 20-25mm commonly used size 25mm

Square 28mm Oval 32mm

Medal Coin Commemorative coin dimensions

Diameter 40-60mm thickness 3mm

Coat of arms standard thickness

0.8mm Bite Edition, rotten version, Eclipse version badge, printing badge (screen printing, flat print, offset printing)

1.2mm stamping badge, paint badge, cloisonne enamel badge, imitation enamel badge, zinc alloy die-Casting badge

3.0mm Medals, commemorative medals, commemorative coins, double-sided coins