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Analysis On The Production Technology Of Chinese Precious Metal Coins
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Recalling the glorious course of more than 30 years of precious metal coins in China, the process of producing technology from scratch, from backwardness to progress, from simple imitation to independent innovation, has undergone a gradual development and perfection, and gradually overtook the world's advanced level, and embarked on a comprehensive, unique and innovative development path. Today, China's precious metal commemorative coin is a unique national flavor and exquisite quality of workmanship among the international precious metal commemorative coins of the advanced ranks.

In recent years, China's precious metal commemorative coins production technology in the foreign advanced production technology based on the study and development of a variety of China's unique production technology, and continuous innovation. Not only sandblasting, mirror and other traditional processes have been widely used, and inlay, abnormity, color, stealth engraving, laser holography, bimetal, antique, oblique teeth, ink anti-counterfeiting and other new technologies, new technology has been developed and applied.

Mirror: Through the production of molds and the surface of the cake is strictly polished, so that the production of commemorative coins surface to obtain a high degree of smoothness and smoothness.

Sandblasting: The commemorative coin production mold selected part of the pattern sprayed into a detailed matte surface, to enhance the level of the coin pattern and three-dimensional sense. Most precious metal coins in our country have adopted mirror and sandblasting technology.

Abnormity: The circle is the traditional shape of coins, Chinese precious metal commemorative coins for the embodiment of innovation and performance of special themes, the use of rectangular, fan, plum-shaped, polygon and other shapes, such as the Ming and Qing dynasties painting commemorative silver coins is a fan coin.

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