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About The Craft Of Medals
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The enamel medal is one of the medals.The general materials are copper, iron, zinc alloy and so on.Among them, zinc alloy is the most expensive material and the relative price is moderate.Iron enamel medal is cheaper, and its surface has a lot of sudden feeling, good texture, suitable for medium and low grade medals.


Medals can be made into a flat or 3D effect,according to the customer's requirement.The bump is clear and hierarchical, giving people different visual feelings.



Die casting is a metal technology, which is characterized by the high pressure exerted on the molten metal by the mold cavity.

Molds are usually made of alloy with higher strength, which is similar to injection molding.


Hollowing is a kind of engraving technology. The appearance looks like a complete pattern, but the inside is empty or inlaid with small hollow objects. It can be a medal with a more layered outline, a clear outline, and a certain visual impact.