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Cut Out Enamel Metal Running Medal

Cut Out Enamel Metal Running Medal

The running medal is the honor of the athletes on a tournament.

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Product Details

Cut out Enamel Metal Running Medal


Product Specification of the running medal

Material: zinc alloy

Technique: die casting with soft enamel

Plating: bronze

Size: 80*55*2.5mm

Accessory: 900*30mm thermal transfer lanyard


Product Feature of the running medal

medal 8.jpg

Product Qualification of the running medal


Packing and Shipping of the running medal



1. Q: Is there quality control on all production lines?

A: Yes, all production lines have adequate quality control.

2. Q: Do the QA/QC inspectors work independently from the production lines?

A: Yes.

3. Q: Who does the QC/QA Manager/Supervisor report to?

A: Production Manager

4. Q: How are finished producted inspected?

A: Random inspection.


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