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What is a commemorative coin
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Commemorative coin is a legal currency issued by a country to commemorate the international or national political, historical and cultural events, outstanding figures, monuments, rare animals and plants, sporting events, etc., which includes commemorative coins and precious metal coins. Quality is generally refined, limited distribution. Precious metal commemorative coins can theoretically be involved in circulation and have the function of circulation means.

The Chinese commemorative coin is a special subject, which is designed and manufactured by the State authorized by the People's Bank of China to designate a national mint, and the legal tender issued by the National Bank plan. Commemorative coins are usually issued in order to commemorate the important political and historical events, traditional culture and other things of special significance. Ordinary commemorative coins and the market circulation of the same denomination of the value of the renminbi is equal, can be at the same time in the market circulation. The function of commemorative coins is mainly to satisfy the public's collection requirements, not to circulate. Specific themes and limited distribution are the main characteristics of commemorative coins.