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The investment principle of commemorative coins
- Oct 26, 2017 -

1 bogey buy the circulation too big

Collectibles Market has always been a rare thing to say. The amount of commemorative coins issued is the primary factor determining their investment value and potential appreciation. Generally speaking, the circulation of commemorative coins is inversely related to the market price, that is, the quantity is high and the quantity is low. Example: Only 2.068 million of the circulation of the "People's Bank of China 40 Anniversary" commemorative coins, the market price has reached more than 4,000 yuan, and the circulation of up to 30 million of the "founding 70 anniversary" of the price of commemorative coins, only 20 yuan.

2 bogey buy too big gain

The excessive increase in commemorative coins, especially the issue of commemorative coins, because in the collection of investment in the hot price up, and the market consumption, the actual amount of the world has far exceeded the market demand. Excessive increase does not mean that its investment value is high, but the result of market hype, ordinary investors once the high level "eat into", at any time may be due to a sharp decline in depth "hold-up."

3 bogey buy crazy after the fall back

In various commemorative coins, often some varieties will be sought after by the market and become a "dark horse." But this has soared to the variety, a large number of market makers to ship, price will fall sharply, although this type of commemorative coins have a considerable decline, but it is still not suitable for ordinary investors to participate in, because after the fall of the varieties, the high level formed a large number of "Hold-up clan", once the price has risen, the solution set plate will be out. The possibility of such outdated "dark horses" being hyped again is slim.

4 bogey buy not unique theme

From a point of view, the purchase of commemorative coins is to buy the subject matter, there is speculation on the concept of subject matter, there will be a banker to enter, and not a unique theme of commemorative coins, it is difficult to arouse the enthusiasm of the market investment. For example, the 1997-year-quarter postal currency card market scrambled "The 10 anniversary of the Constitution", is the use of the wrong version of the story, speculation "Ningxia 30 Anniversary" Commemorative coins, is due to the Autonomous Region series theme "leading" currency effect. Many discerning investors have made money after following up on buying such commemorative coins.

5 bogey buy poor appearance

Collection of commemorative coins as a collection of stamps, but also pay attention to the appearance, that is, quality. The commemorative coins with good appearance are very different from the market price. such as in the coin market ASB "Modern currency king"-"The People's Bank of China 40 years of the establishment of commemorative coins, the good price of more than 4000 yuan, and the appearance of even 1000 yuan is difficult to sell."