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The development of commemorative coins in China
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The ordinary commemorative coins issued by the People's Bank of China since October 1, 1984, the 35 anniversary of the founding of the commemorative coin has been issued more than 70 sets of 97; precious metal coins since 1979, "The People's Republic of China 30 Anniversary" the first set of precious metal coins China's modern gold and silver commemorative coins have gone through 26 years of glorious development, the cumulative sale of more than 10 series, more than 1500 varieties of gold and silver commemorative coins, subject matter has major political and historical events, outstanding historical figures, giant pandas and rare animals, 12 zodiac, Chinese classical literature, ancient science and technology inventions found, Chinese famous paintings, religious art, sports and so on, the content embodies the 5,000 years of China's civilization history and a long history of Chinese culture.