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The badge wears a little trick
- Oct 26, 2017 -

In our surroundings and daily life, we often see participants in the event wearing a conference badge, or some students wear a cartoon badge on the chest, do you know, badge wear also has a certain exquisite, a correct wearing of the badge, not only embodies your identity, and embodies your etiquette image.

In a way, the badge is a distinction between identity, different occupations, status will wear different badges, let a person looked at a glance.

Badges are usually worn in the left chest, but some conference badges are worn on the collar of the suit, while the armbands and collar have a relatively fixed position.

When wearing badges to pay attention to the size and severity of the badge, such as the emblem of the larger and heavier requirements to increase the needle, in order to prevent the badge fall; some small and lightweight badges can be fitted with magnets, but also to avoid leaving a puncture pin on the clothes. When wearing badges, you should also pay attention to matching the color of your clothes.

Pregnant women and children in the wearing of badges, as far as possible use of magnetic stickers accessories, so as not to stab the skin. Develop a good badge to wear habits, so that every day you are full of wonderful.