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Metal lapel pins plating color options
- Mar 21, 2018 -

All metallic pins are plated with unique metal colorings. The metallic hues are important as it produces the element of a pin beside the paint that is applied. Inside the pin world, metal color tone is known as plating. As soon as a pin has been painted, baked, sanded, and had an attachment put on it's back, it is then ready to be plated. The pin is dipped into a plating cloth for a smooth and durable finish. There are many plating choices to make your custom pins stunning. Gold, silver, copper, brass and bronze are the most common. In addition, each of those alternatives may be antiqued to help enhance or calm down the info on the pin. Antique makes the crevices darker and dulls the finish. One more feature is a sandblast background. A grainy finish is applied to the recessed metal, and the raised metal areas are polished to give contrast to the inside info. Further, we provide a twin plating choice to deliver a totally awesome and unique appearance. Typically our dual plating is done with gold and silver, but also look great with black nickel and copper. Silver and gold are the usual plating alternatives for our pins but we've got many metal colorations for your next pin project.

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