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How to save coin
- Oct 26, 2017 -

First of all, to avoid and hard objects directly bump, rub, do not at the same time a few coins in a pocket, apply a softer cloth or paper packaging.

Second, to prevent hand stains, commemorative coins are shipped with a thin layer of sealed transparent plastic bags, to protect the currency from the role of oxidation, it is easy not to take out, directly with the hand touch, in the ornamental coins, the conditions should be brought on the thin gloves, with the thumb and forefinger to pinch the edge of the commemorative coins, to prevent the stain on the coin surface.

Again, avoid exposure to acidic substances.

Commemorative coins should be stored in the ventilation, dry place collection.

And the precious metal commemorative coins maintenance way more pay attention to, concrete as follows:

1, the gold coin cleaning method, the gold coin actually does not need to clean. In case of dirty, just put it in the warm soapy water clean, and then rinse with water, put in two soft cloth dry water can be.

2, the cleaning method of silver coins, the method of cleaning silver coins depends on the degree of oxidation and fineness of silver coins first. If the silver silver content is only slightly oxidized, it is best to use ammonia solution plus sodium carbonate solution and toothpaste to make paste to clean, or with edible white vinegar to a small amount of water, the silver coins into its solution soaked for a few minutes, can also be used to gently wipe a cotton ball solution, to dissolve the oxide layer after the currency, rinse with clean water can be.