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Commemorative coins are different from commemorative medals
- Oct 26, 2017 -

In coin collection, there are many coin lovers who do not know the difference between commemorative coins and commemorative medals, or equate them. In fact, commemorative coins are different from commemorative medals and vary greatly.

The functions of commemorative coins and commemorative medals are different. The commemorative coin is the national legal currency and its status is protected by law. The denomination on the commemorative coins can also circulate in the same amount as the renminbi in the market. The medallion is not a currency, no denomination, no circulation, only commemorative and collection function.

Second, commemorative coins and commemorative medals are issued in different quantities. Commemorative coins are issued by the limit, the number of issues under strict control, will not be reissued, with "unique". The number of medals issued is unlimited, as long as the market needs, can be issued consecutively or reissued.

Third, commemorative coins and commemorative medals of the distribution procedures. For the issue of commemorative coins, the relevant departments shall announce the issue time, denomination, specifications, patterns and materials of the commemorative coins in advance. The issue of the medallion is not the program.

The commemorative coin is different from the main issue of the commemorative medallion. The main issue of commemorative coins is the central bank of China, the People's Bank of China, other units and individuals have no right to issue. Medals are different, as long as they are approved by the relevant departments of the State can be produced and issued.

The value of commemorative coins and commemorative medals is different. Because of its exquisite production, unique status and limited distribution, commemorative coins are favored by collectors and have a large value-added space. Because of its effect, circulation and other factors, the value-added space is limited.