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Badge carrier, is a form, a voucher
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The reward system and the honours mechanism, as an important measure to promote upright and praise advanced, have been paid more and more attention by Governments. Throughout the world, it has become a common phenomenon for countries to award awards or honours to people who make outstanding contributions and work excellence and benefit the people. The mechanism is more perfect with Russia (former Soviet Union), Japan, North Korea and other countries, they not only have detailed regulations, but also set strict standards of wear and issuing authority, the level of honours. The attitude is serious and the system is sound and complete.

In the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, there were also more systematic rules of reward, such as the late Qing's medal constitution, set up a "Double Dragon Treasure Star" medal, set a medal for 5, such as 11, the Republic of China issued a number of "medal orders" and "to the rules", the Nanjing interim Government set up a "jiuding, tiger down, Lion" medal; Beiyang Government in accordance with "Navy" and "Navy Medal order" set the "Grand Medal, Jiahe chapter, Wen Hu Medal" and so on. After the founding of New China, the state and the nation achieved the independence and gradual revitalization, the reward measure has the new change, also has brought the new weather to the badge. The most representative of the "Bayi, independent Freedom, Liberation (award)" and "Red Star, Independence, Liberation meritorious Rong." It can be said that China's badge of great power status is not suspicious: Since 1891, the first "Ssangyong Treasure Star" has been published, the Chinese badge after more than a century of change process--the Qing government's noble gorgeous, the Republic of China's exquisite elegance, the people's power of the Chun quaint, after the founding of different styles ... Its long history, a large number of materials and types of colorful, modelling and design dazzling, covering the field of a wide range, involving a large number of groups, is unmatched by other countries. However, from the record of the collection area, China's various periods in the end the casting issued a number of badges, history books can not be verified, who can not accurately statistics, is today's collection, is also set, or some varieties do not know its origin. There is a general feeling that although there are many kinds, they are messy; How did this happen? The following reasons are sufficient to illustrate the problem.